Energy Clearings


Emotional Relief

Emotional Relief may help with negative stored energies from people, places and situations. Negative thought forms are considered psychic attacks which may lead to feelings of stress, suicide, depression, fear, anger & anxiety to name a few. Physical & Metaphysical disturbances may arise due to the trapped energies within your Body, Mind, Emotions & Spirit.

This service is face to face and we offer Remote healing as well. Depending on your schedule or location you may request this session for Remote Healing ( Distance). Your Spiritual Healer will request a current picture to be texted or emailed. After the observations from the current selfie picture, a phone consultation will be scheduled to discuss the energetic observations. After agreed date & time is confirmed, the emotional relief session begins. The Spiritual Healer will confirm the completion of your session. 

Many clients have reported emotional relief from stored negative energies & traumas. We suggest for optimum results to purchase a package series. Some clients sense relief and energy shifting from one session. Results may vary based upon each individual.

One Session $65 

Three Package Series $150 ( $45 savings) 

Spiritual Vortex Clearing

People, Homes, businesses & locations have stored spiritual & emotional energetic imprints from the existence of people & life occurrences, some are positive & some are negative. The energetic negative debris of thoughts & actions are left behind in an environment which may have paranormal activity or affecting people in a physical or mental issue.

The Practitioner will place a psychic vortex around your desired location to clear past & present negative psychometric energies.  The Spiritual Vortex Clearing can remove dark spirits, attachments, spell work & psychic attacks, which block your Life Force Energy & creates issues physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually. 

Cost varies based upon the size and energetic issues occurring in your personal space. There will be a consultation to determine the price. 

Sessions starting at minimum of $222 for a single person and for Business/Land it will be $222 for every 500 sq. ft, after a consultation the rate will be determined prior to starting the service. After the consultation & agreed service, an invoice will be emailed to you to begin the Spiritual Vortex Clearing.

Enjoy your space again with emotional relief in positive energies to fill your location after your session.