Member Services/Prices

All Reiki sessions are 45 mins plus a 15-minute consultation. Except for Cosmic Journey 60 min with 15 min consultation. 

These treatments are beneficial for those that suffer trauma, abuse, depression, anxiety, PTSD and need stress relief. Holistic healing is excellent for pain reduction or pain elimination. Life Force Energy provides progressive support for your immunity and energy development. We welcome you to our healing room or you can choose to receive any of these services at the comfort of your own home, with Distance Reiki healing. These treatments do not disturb any medical attention from your physician. 

Distance Reiki Healing

Life Force Energy offers Remote (distance healing) and face to face healing. Doesn't matter what part of the world you're in, energy flows where it is commanded to go. Reiki is the Physics of Healing Body, Mind & Spirit. Our body is comprised of energy vibrating at different speeds. Our physical body, our thoughts, emotions, and our spiritual center, all vibrate at a particular frequency or speed. These varying vibrations or pulsations create a field around them which are often referred to as our aura or energy field. The aura is an information center and a highly perceptual system that transmits and receives messages from the external and internal environment. Each Reiki experience is unique and can range from gentle and subtle to intense and profound. Reiki sessions are a process for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing and expansion.

For those scientists and skeptics out there Reiki is physics, it moves energy from one form to another or one place to another to create stability and balance.

Reiki session only with no add-on's $60 monthly (reg. $80).    

Holy Fire Reiki powerful & gentle by providing purification, healing, empowerment &  guidance (without smudging, chakra balancing, song bowl (sound therapy), aromatherapy and crystals). Holy Fire energy is noticeably more refined feeling of being loved & nurtured. Many claim releases worry with a sense of safety. Experience a channeled message from your Spiritual guides, angels and Higher Self. Practice positive affirmation programming with a consultation regarding your experiences. Your healer will share intuitive insights from the Reiki session and may offer suggestions & tools that will enhance the experience.

Reiki Deluxe with 1 Healer $80 monthly (reg. $130) 

Reiki Deluxe is a combination of several splendid Energy modalities, that compliment each other in harmony for an overall healing. In addition to Holy Fire Reiki, ThetaHealing may aid in changing your brain wave cycle to include the “Theta” state, great for well-being and emotional state. Crystals layouts on the body associated to each Chakra can balance and align the spinning energy wheels. To clear the space and shift energy in the client, we enjoy using Sage smudging to release negativity. A song bowl or Tingsha cymbals are great renewing vibration frequencies. Throughout the session, Life Force Energy Waters are used to enhance the metaphysical healing treatment.  Along with Life Force Energy's custom made Chakra essential oil aromatherapy is excellent for the Chakras system and to influence serenity and relaxation.


Elite Dual Reiki gives the power of 2 healer’s $140 (reg. $200). 

You'll receive the exclusive services of the Reiki Deluxe treatments in a 60 min session with 15 min consultation. The intentions are to aid the body, mind, emotions and spirit by intuitive details and the power of two Energy Healers. Both Healers will deliver Reiki Energy onto the physical body, one may open Chakras and guide positive affirmation programming. While the other healer will provide ThetaHealing and give verbal intuitive insight. Reiki Energy continues between both Healers and client. Nurturing and flowing transformation encourages transformation, along with symbiotic Life Force Energy, continues to surround and go throughout the client.


Cosmic Journey $200 monthly (reg. $250) 

Reiki healing, ThetaHealing, Trance Channeling, Tingsha cymbals therapy align & balance chakras with a metaphysical stone/crystal to aid in astral travel, grounding, alter consciousness & to awaken psychic abilities. Your healer will discover and cut Etheric Cords to places, people in your past, & conditions keeping you lost in negative patterns. Channel a live communication from your Higher Self or Guide. Through our psychic abilities you may learn how to utilize your third eye chakra through affirmations & meditation. Your practitioner aids to stimulate you spiritually for an awakening journey. 

In regards to a Cosmic Journey, we give the service at an Energetic discretion. At Life Force Energy, our Practitioner's will check if you're able, and ready, to receive this service. It's a high frequency session, so we recommend prior & recent history  of Reiki treatments or set up a current Reiki session to clear, balance and to energetically strengthen you for the journey. Life Force Energy provides Love and Support while working on the inner Light within. 


Life Force Energy is here to enlighten your path energetically by investing into your Physical and Metaphysical Wellness. 🙏🕉️