Mission Statement

Life Force Energy, LLC is a Physical and Metaphysical Wellness family practice, we embrace all walks of life with an open heart and free of judgement, by providing a sacred space for healing the body, mind, emotions and spirit. We believe in nurturing the mind, body, spirit connection to improve the quality of life. Our intention is to support, encourage and to inspire your Divine and personal exploration in your human experiences in your life journey. We are dedicated, spirit directed, community centered and focused to guide you to Self-Healing & Self-Empowerment for Transcending in your personal growth. Thank you for choosing Life Force Energy LLC for your Physical and Metaphysical Wellness.  


You were seeking and you were found through Life Force Energy. Here, you will find products to enhance abundance, protection against negativity, healing in the areas of love, money, speaking to loved ones on the other side & other forms of spiritual healing & awakening.

Welcome, to our family Practice.  My name is Jessica and I'm a Holistic Practitioner. I'm certified as a Holy Fire ®️ Reiki Master Teacher from the International Center of Reiki Training. I have my certifications in ThetaHealing®️, Master Herbalist, Yoni Doula, & Past Life Regressor. 

I am born as a Clairsentient, naturally picking up vibes & energetic signatures of both the spiritual & physical. This sense aids my ability to sense subtle energies, picking up sensations by tuning into past & present.  I am also a Clairaudient , which is the act of auditory guidance, commonly useful with telepathy, angelic beings, spirit guides & those who have passed over to other side.  Being a Claircognizant is a great insight to a clear deep knowing & inner certainty feeling. I have been taught & supported by being raised by  my Healer grandmother and mother, it was normal for me to grow up in the Healing Arts and Metaphysical lifestyle.

Eric is also certified as a Holy Fire Reiki III, Level II Practitioner & has his Associates Degree in Behavioral Science from Grossmont College, in San Diego, Ca.  Eric is an Empath with the gift of being able to put himself in someone else's shoes and feelings as if he were them. Born with experiences of out of body, as a young child Astral Traveler. As an Energy Healer, many of his clients appreciate him by listening and affirming them with self acceptance, respect and confidence. Eric can inspire you to encourage, believe & love yourself. It is a journey to self healing & self realization.

We're a three generation family Holistic and Metaphysical Wellness practice, Serenity is our Oracle Medium providing Cosmic Readings, Emotional Relief & Vortex Clearings. Serenity is well experienced in the Spiritual & Metaphysical arts since she was a child, raised by Healers & Spiritualist within her family. She also has her certifications in ThetaHealing & Holy Fire III Reiki Level I. 

Helena is a dedicated Healer in Holy Fire Reiki Level II Practitioner & Master Herbalist. Helena was born with the abilities of a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, & Medium, following the footsteps from generations before her in the family.

We have a lovely healing suite at the Fountain Valley Professional building. For your convenience we also offer Mobile services. All Practitioners are certified in Holy Fire ®️ Reiki. We offer our very own custom made smoke less Energy Waters and Chakra rollers, may promote healing in the practice of opening, clearing, balancing and supporting the mind, body, emotions, spirit and life force energy.

We also sell energetically cleared crystals with the use of our very own Transcendent Energy Waters, imbued Holy Fire III Reiki & ThetaHealing. We also offer crystal Jewelry, 150 mg CBD Geode detox bath bombs and other wellness products.

Our Metaphysical services include Energy Healing’s, Readings, Psychic parties, classes for relaxation and meditation. We are also experienced in House/Business Energy clearings, Chakra balancing, Emotional Relief sessions, Certification classes for Holy Fire ®️ III Reiki, Grounding and Shielding Energy field practices, Reiki and ThetaHealing for animals and Land revitalization.

Love, Light and Healing

Jessica Holistic Practitioner


About Us

Life Force Energy is within us & around us.


We are certified and trained in the Metaphysical Wellness industry. With our own life experiences and the countless of lovely souls we have cared for, we put your best interest as our mission to support and teach ways of self care and healing. We are proud to offer the highest and best services and products for the positive outcomes of caring for one's Mind, Emotions, Physical and Spiritual Being.

Jessica aka Venus has received the necessary training, placements & ignitions of the Usui Holy Fire III Reiki Ryoho method of energy healing & is fully qualified to administer Holy Fire Reiki & teach all levels of the Usui Holy Fire Reiki III system of healing. Jessica is a Reiki Master Teacher providing group classes for levels 1 to 3.

We are experienced and licensed as Spiritual Healers, Past Life Regression, Mediumship, Yoni Doula, ThetaHealing & Reiki Practitioner's, & Master Teachers.

" Healers are spiritual warriors who have found the courage to defeat the darkness of their souls. Awakening and rising from the depths of their deepest fears, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes. Reborn with a wisdom & strength that creates a light that shines bright enough to help, encourage, and inspire others out of their own." -Unknown

Healing Hands are here to help


In addition to communicating with Spirit, we are capable to visualize and sense negative energies coming from the client who are still living. Fear energy attachments extended to you from family, friends, and exes are called Etheric cords. Fear within our relationships form these negative cords between you and another person with mutual unspoken agreement. The fear may be distinctive through attachments, fear of abandonment, unforgiveness, and co-dependency. During the healing, with your permission, we remove any wiling cords to past and present that are draining your spiritual and physical bodies. These Etheric cords transform into emotional baggage by weighing the person down energetically, provoking stress and sorrow. We welcome you to our healing room for a transformation in your life. Due to our own personal experiences, divine challenges, training's, & spiritual evolution in our journey in this Life time & other Lifetimes, we are here to comfort, guide, & teach you to access the power of LIFE FORCE ENERGY.

Reiki your body, mind & soul


Reiki is an extraordinary healing method. Whether it targets more on the physical body, the cognizance, the spiritual brainpower, the psychic spirit, the soul, or energy body. It is up to their higher self & their guides to determine the outcome of the Reiki appointment.

During your Reiki Deluxe or Elite Dual Reiki session (that isn't a standard session), you will receive a channeled message, guidance from your Spiritual guides, angels, affirmation mantras  with a consultation regarding your experiences. We will share with you intuitive insights from the Reiki session and may offer suggestions & tools that will enhance the experience.

 Reiki helps promote health and wellbeing through:
restoring balance
relieving anxiety
healing injuries
reducing stress
alleviating pain
releasing trauma
clearing attachments
easing Post-traumatic stress
supporting surgical procedures
comforting grief
assisting life transitions
aiding relaxation and more….